James McGairy

James has worked as an artist in Guisborough since 1991. James uses paint in response to this region’s visual splendour, creating paintings that celebrate our landscape. There is a certain northern light that is very subtle, he aims to express this feeling, by conjuring with paint, to convey a sense of place.

‘I search for subjects that inspire, I often look for a ‘Light’, for me , this is the key. I often return to familiar places, sometimes I am lucky, and I try to capture this moment. I use a mix of ‘En plein air’ painting on location and use of photo reference. The painting process involves layers of paint, in an effort to achieve depth, I feel my way into paintings. I am continually thrilled by the magical quality of paint.‘

James’ work is collected internationally and has previously won prizes and was a contestant on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2015 and 2016.

James also teaches painting with regular workshops and demonstrations.

Staithes Evening by James McGairy

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