Julia Poulton

Julia is a contemporary abstract oil painter based in Harrogate. Passionate about colour, with an ever-evolving palette, rich textures and dynamic mark making, her work conveys emotional connection through an intuitive practice. By letting go of conscious thoughts and intentions, Julia tunes into her emotions to create expressive paintings full of depth and feeling.

‘Embracing the unknown is what drives my practice and leads to exciting, unexpected results. Painting allows me to find a true connection with myself and express from a place of authenticity. Immersing myself in the process and painting intuitively gives me a sense of calm and equilibrium, which is reflected in the finished artwork'.

Julia sees her paintings as ethereal, 'dreamlike' worlds that invite the viewer in and offer a sense of peace, calm or joy. Whether it’s through the colours, the feel or reminding them of a special place, Julia hopes people will find a connection with her artwork that is meaningful to them.

The Gathering by Julia Poulton

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