Ancient woodland restoration

The restoration of ancient woodlands is very important as their delicate woodland soils still remain intact. These woodlands have existed and been wooded for over 400 years but at some point in our recent past have had their naturally occurring native woodland tree species removed and replaced by non-native species, often with productive conifers.

It is widely accepted now that these habitats are some of the most diverse and valuable in the country, and their restoration to native broadleaved woodlands is of highest importance.
Between 2012 and 2021, 1,044 hectares (ha) of ancient woodland restoration commenced in the National Park.

Ancient woodland with bluebells. Credit Paul Harris

We see the restoration of ancient woodlands currently planted with conifers as a key conservation priority. We are able to provide advice and help for woodland owners and managers, which can include grant aid direct from the Authority as well as from Countryside Stewardship.

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Contact: Mark Antcliff, Woodland Officer
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